Mini-story. Realm of the Slightly Damned

Six people with eyes, hair, and skin of blue stand in an endless pool of water, they stand there staring, in the rags they call clothing, these people once had names, they once were human, but now? They are nothing more than spirits in the Realm of the Slightly Damned, where they shall stay forever never to go to hell nor to heaven. Non of their memories exist, their past lives nothing more than a black space in the eternal space in their memory, if they knew that they had been striped from all their memories and emotions they would cry, but as spirits they can neither cry nor touch anything other than another ethereal being. Forever trapped in a damnable hell better yet worse than hell its self.

They begin to walk -without any type ceremony of a goodbye- in a random direction together as if looking for something, is it their memories? Or is it their emotions? Or have they truly forgotten what it is like to be living, or have they tossed it away so as not to feel any more pain?

As they walk into the distance the water doesn’t ripple when they take their feet out of the water and then put them back in, it just keeps eternally flowing in one direction. Emotionlessly they vanish from your sight and you can’t help but think to yourself; “Will I become like them? Forever wandering?” as that thought ends one more thought brings its self to light, “I hope not.”

Published by

The Masked Fox

I'm a hobbyist and aspiring artist and writer.

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