Poem – Shadows of Flaming Rain

I walk on a plane of dead bodies,

They rot and slowly,

Ever so slowly they return back to where they came,

Never have I seen the light of day for I am the shadow that plagues all my foes,

I kill and do not question,

I slaughter and do not think twice,

I will erase all my foes without stopping,

I am the Shadow of truth,

I am the plague that kills those defilers,

My home is in the bodies of those who I’ve killed,

My paradise is within the battlefield with all my dead foes,

I shall kill all until I have been killed,

I may never see the light but let it be known,

They are never safe from my blade,

For I am the blade covered in blood,

For I am the incarnate of Death himself,

I will kill all who dare oppose me.

Published by

The Masked Fox

I'm a hobbyist and aspiring artist and writer.

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