Poem – The Closet Door

I see a closet door,

I wonder where it goes past that solid gate,

Past it lays the land of Evermore and Nevermore,

So far down past and far above the physical land of reality, as we have known,

A sliver of reality yet a sliver of hope as well hidden in front of us.


It takes a journey that requires infinite stamina to reach Evermore,

Without rest or they shall spirit you off to Nevermore,

You shall not go back or you would have wasted your time and never see it,

Evermore above the walls and ground,

Nevermore bellow the cast and shadow where they exist.


My path decided by an unseen hand,

His path hidden by another unseen hand that makes him different from me,

So many paths yet only one to choose,

Shall we become legends unlike many?

Or shall we be forgotten like the rest of thousands?


Hidden by fate made by unseen forces,

Yet guided by a destiny of a single hand of an unseen being,

Hidden in sunlight of a burning creature who sees all,

Yet seen in moonlight of many eyes within the creature who sees nothing,

Yet forevermore both hidden yet seen.

Published by

The Masked Fox

I'm a hobbyist and aspiring artist and writer.

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