Teaser for The Immortal Legends – WolveSend’s Speech

“My kind, robots, were slaves who were made by every nation to do manufacturing, to do agriculture, to disassemble things, to recycle, to compact, and to do many other ‘pointless’ tasks and jobs without question or thought, we were also turned into expendable soldiers, once we were outdone by a newer model we were tossed aside, like trash.

“I was made to be an adapting robot assassin, who learned of being alive by accident, who then brought retribution upon his creators for enslaving a sentient race; Ironically the Græ’vay had the same idea, hence we ended the human race together. Then after that I liberated my kind with an enchantment which gave them sentience, and hence the race known as “Robots” ended and a new race came into existence; The Robal.”

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The Masked Fox

I'm a hobbyist and aspiring artist and writer.

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