Mini-story. Falon’s contract.

“Well that was a wonderful entrance Falon, you sure didn’t paint the walls red with the blood and guts of my soldiers,” states Ariol.

“Funny I could have sworn I killed nothing but gnats,” a chuckle swiftly follows.

“Had fun did you? Though I doubt they posed any threat to you.”

“No, nooo, they did pose a threat; they stood in my way,” Falon walks out of the shadows, “personally I thought you were being cheap with your labor.”

“Was I ever cheap when it came to you o’ lord of the shadows?”

“Nay, you failed at hiring any light adepts, though they are so simple to find.”

Sighing Ariol stares at Falon for a while before saying, “Simple? They are as rare as shadow adepts! Must you chase me down for no reason fiend?”

“Fiend huh? Guess that makes you an angel, Mey, nust kos Ni do un lein.”

“You dare speak in the dragon’s tongue and not in the common?”

“Somethings are better left unsaid,” he pauses. “That said, Zu’u mullaan Nau thdro fah pogaan dayye ful zu’u aal oblaan thdro.” He dashes forwards and thrusts his sword through her gullet ending a long hunt. “Fare thee well Ariol, leader of the Crimson Raiders.”

Published by

The Masked Fox

I'm a hobbyist and aspiring artist and writer.

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