Mini-story. Falon’s contract.

“Well that was a wonderful entrance Falon, you sure didn’t paint the walls red with the blood and guts of my soldiers,” states Ariol.

“Funny I could have sworn I killed nothing but gnats,” a chuckle swiftly follows.

“Had fun did you? Though I doubt they posed any threat to you.”

“No, nooo, they did pose a threat; they stood in my way,” Falon walks out of the shadows, “personally I thought you were being cheap with your labor.”

“Was I ever cheap when it came to you o’ lord of the shadows?”

“Nay, you failed at hiring any light adepts, though they are so simple to find.”

Sighing Ariol stares at Falon for a while before saying, “Simple? They are as rare as shadow adepts! Must you chase me down for no reason fiend?”

“Fiend huh? Guess that makes you an angel, Mey, nust kos Ni do un lein.”

“You dare speak in the dragon’s tongue and not in the common?”

“Somethings are better left unsaid,” he pauses. “That said, Zu’u mullaan Nau thdro fah pogaan dayye ful zu’u aal oblaan thdro.” He dashes forwards and thrusts his sword through her gullet ending a long hunt. “Fare thee well Ariol, leader of the Crimson Raiders.”

Teaser for The Immortal Legends – WolveSend’s Speech

“My kind, robots, were slaves who were made by every nation to do manufacturing, to do agriculture, to disassemble things, to recycle, to compact, and to do many other ‘pointless’ tasks and jobs without question or thought, we were also turned into expendable soldiers, once we were outdone by a newer model we were tossed aside, like trash.

“I was made to be an adapting robot assassin, who learned of being alive by accident, who then brought retribution upon his creators for enslaving a sentient race; Ironically the Græ’vay had the same idea, hence we ended the human race together. Then after that I liberated my kind with an enchantment which gave them sentience, and hence the race known as “Robots” ended and a new race came into existence; The Robal.”

Poem. The brothers of different paths

Light Shed onto the Shadow Demon | Light Released by the Magenta Knight


I almost killed him,                                                                                                  He almost killed me,

We are brothers and twins,

If that were naught I would have killed him,                   If that were not so he’d kill everyone,

His soul tainted but now cleansed,

I was all it took for him to turn good?

He is my candle in my darkest hour,

I shall never forget that I do have a purpose,

A purpose to protect those who we love,

Were it naught my infinite possibility,                            Were it naught his infinite possibility,

We both would be dead,

No I’d be vanquished,

Then I’d kill myself upon realization,

Either we both would die or we both would live,


The demon of shadows,                                                                                 The knight of light,

Exact opposites,

I fought so as to find the one to end my life,

I fight to protect those who are innocent,

I am the shield against the darkness,

I am the sword against the light,

But now I see,                                                                                                                      Yet now he sees,

The light,

A wonderful thing,

A peaceful thing,

An innocent thing,

How did he not see it?

Why was he blind until now?

I thought I was abandoned,

I was abandoned,

Everyone forgot me,

I was just a shadow,

It was not a namesake but what I really was,

All I saw was-,

The darkness,

That dreadful… Thing,

A hungry beast,

A blood soaked monster,

That is what I saw,

How did you not see it?

Are you too high to fall into this cave?


Friends and family surrounded me,

I have a place,

Everyone knows me,

I was a living being,

A knight,

I was a protector of life and light,

It is what I am,

All I knew was-,


So you never sought out your own blood?

And you left me in the grasp of that monster?

But you never looked for me,

I never knew of you,

No I looked for my true family,

But I too did not know of you,

I was happy,

I never thought by selfish decisions would do this,

Neither of us did,

Was it the hand of fate?

Or was it merely destiny?

We shall never know,

I wish to live with you brother,

To learn what life is like again,

To relearn what family is,

To finally have what I never had,

I wish for you to live with me brother,

Teach me of your sufferings,

Show me that monster inside of you looks like,

Let me remove the monster from you,

Let me wash the blood off your hands,

Let me cleanse your soul in the light of family,

I shall show you what you never had,

And I shall give it to you as well,

Even if it means I have to switch our places of life,

I shall give it to you,

Then let me show you what you have never seen,

So as to stop others from falling down the same path as me,

Let us live together,


I wish naught for sadness today brother,

Let us rejoice for finding each other,




Then let us-,


Poem – Shadows of Flaming Rain

I walk on a plane of dead bodies,

They rot and slowly,

Ever so slowly they return back to where they came,

Never have I seen the light of day for I am the shadow that plagues all my foes,

I kill and do not question,

I slaughter and do not think twice,

I will erase all my foes without stopping,

I am the Shadow of truth,

I am the plague that kills those defilers,

My home is in the bodies of those who I’ve killed,

My paradise is within the battlefield with all my dead foes,

I shall kill all until I have been killed,

I may never see the light but let it be known,

They are never safe from my blade,

For I am the blade covered in blood,

For I am the incarnate of Death himself,

I will kill all who dare oppose me.