Poem. The brothers of different paths

Light Shed onto the Shadow Demon | Light Released by the Magenta Knight


I almost killed him,                                                                                                  He almost killed me,

We are brothers and twins,

If that were naught I would have killed him,                   If that were not so he’d kill everyone,

His soul tainted but now cleansed,

I was all it took for him to turn good?

He is my candle in my darkest hour,

I shall never forget that I do have a purpose,

A purpose to protect those who we love,

Were it naught my infinite possibility,                            Were it naught his infinite possibility,

We both would be dead,

No I’d be vanquished,

Then I’d kill myself upon realization,

Either we both would die or we both would live,


The demon of shadows,                                                                                 The knight of light,

Exact opposites,

I fought so as to find the one to end my life,

I fight to protect those who are innocent,

I am the shield against the darkness,

I am the sword against the light,

But now I see,                                                                                                                      Yet now he sees,

The light,

A wonderful thing,

A peaceful thing,

An innocent thing,

How did he not see it?

Why was he blind until now?

I thought I was abandoned,

I was abandoned,

Everyone forgot me,

I was just a shadow,

It was not a namesake but what I really was,

All I saw was-,

The darkness,

That dreadful… Thing,

A hungry beast,

A blood soaked monster,

That is what I saw,

How did you not see it?

Are you too high to fall into this cave?


Friends and family surrounded me,

I have a place,

Everyone knows me,

I was a living being,

A knight,

I was a protector of life and light,

It is what I am,

All I knew was-,


So you never sought out your own blood?

And you left me in the grasp of that monster?

But you never looked for me,

I never knew of you,

No I looked for my true family,

But I too did not know of you,

I was happy,

I never thought by selfish decisions would do this,

Neither of us did,

Was it the hand of fate?

Or was it merely destiny?

We shall never know,

I wish to live with you brother,

To learn what life is like again,

To relearn what family is,

To finally have what I never had,

I wish for you to live with me brother,

Teach me of your sufferings,

Show me that monster inside of you looks like,

Let me remove the monster from you,

Let me wash the blood off your hands,

Let me cleanse your soul in the light of family,

I shall show you what you never had,

And I shall give it to you as well,

Even if it means I have to switch our places of life,

I shall give it to you,

Then let me show you what you have never seen,

So as to stop others from falling down the same path as me,

Let us live together,


I wish naught for sadness today brother,

Let us rejoice for finding each other,




Then let us-,


Poem – Shadows of Flaming Rain

I walk on a plane of dead bodies,

They rot and slowly,

Ever so slowly they return back to where they came,

Never have I seen the light of day for I am the shadow that plagues all my foes,

I kill and do not question,

I slaughter and do not think twice,

I will erase all my foes without stopping,

I am the Shadow of truth,

I am the plague that kills those defilers,

My home is in the bodies of those who I’ve killed,

My paradise is within the battlefield with all my dead foes,

I shall kill all until I have been killed,

I may never see the light but let it be known,

They are never safe from my blade,

For I am the blade covered in blood,

For I am the incarnate of Death himself,

I will kill all who dare oppose me.

Poem – The Closet Door

I see a closet door,

I wonder where it goes past that solid gate,

Past it lays the land of Evermore and Nevermore,

So far down past and far above the physical land of reality, as we have known,

A sliver of reality yet a sliver of hope as well hidden in front of us.


It takes a journey that requires infinite stamina to reach Evermore,

Without rest or they shall spirit you off to Nevermore,

You shall not go back or you would have wasted your time and never see it,

Evermore above the walls and ground,

Nevermore bellow the cast and shadow where they exist.


My path decided by an unseen hand,

His path hidden by another unseen hand that makes him different from me,

So many paths yet only one to choose,

Shall we become legends unlike many?

Or shall we be forgotten like the rest of thousands?


Hidden by fate made by unseen forces,

Yet guided by a destiny of a single hand of an unseen being,

Hidden in sunlight of a burning creature who sees all,

Yet seen in moonlight of many eyes within the creature who sees nothing,

Yet forevermore both hidden yet seen.

Poem – Be the Predator


Are we the lambs,

Pull the mask off your beast

Tame thy beast

Once the beast is tamed,

Return naught for them.


The monsters with vengeance

Shrug off your armor and guilt

They pull the strings

Paint thy body with crimson

We are those whom sees past-

The smoke and mirrors

Sober up and join our hunt

You are naught a lamb


You are a beast behind a cage,

A mask, and in the disguise of a lamb

Thy must carry thy weight-

Don’t comply.

Thy are not of a drunk and peaceful breed.

Mini-story. A Battlefield where only Death exists

Chrome stands there staring out at the battlefield littered with the bodies of both ghouls and diamond-dogs, blood is weeping out of the corpses on the battlefield, the trees sit there on the once peaceful plains now littered with bodies and blood. In the trees you can find the corpses of soldiers who fought, their blood staining the bark a deep dark crimson, all around the trees bodies lay against them as well, the once green field of grass is now a field of crimson.

In the distance one can see the mountain of Iz’cradour with the cities of the diamond-dogs, when looking back to the battlefield anyone who sees it would just stare in disbelief. The plains now look like a stationary sea of crimson and its seaweed is the corpses of the armies who clashed, and among the corpses diamond-dog soldiers sit, lay, kneel, or stand weeping at the bodies of their dead brethren.

Swords, spears, axes, shields, hammers, and armor lay broken and covered in blood, and the carnage shown by the mere amount of death. Chrome stands in the middle of this battlefield covered in blood and his pickaxes ready, his armor dented, cut, burned, and covered in blood hiding the fact that the armor’s color was tan, but his visor glowing a brilliant light yellow. His pickaxes in turn have notches put into them from Chrome blocking deadly attacks with them, they are covered in blood of his enemies from the heads all the way to the end of their handles.

He shakes his head and keeps muttering under his breath, “What has this world come to?” over and over again until he collapsed slowly onto the ground blood stained ground from exhaustion because the battle that lasted three days straight and he stayed in the front lines fighting the entire time without any sleep, and when he lays down on the ground the puddles of blood ripple from him touching it, there he lays in a puddle of blood and falls into a deep sleep.

Mini-story. Realm of the Slightly Damned

Six people with eyes, hair, and skin of blue stand in an endless pool of water, they stand there staring, in the rags they call clothing, these people once had names, they once were human, but now? They are nothing more than spirits in the Realm of the Slightly Damned, where they shall stay forever never to go to hell nor to heaven. Non of their memories exist, their past lives nothing more than a black space in the eternal space in their memory, if they knew that they had been striped from all their memories and emotions they would cry, but as spirits they can neither cry nor touch anything other than another ethereal being. Forever trapped in a damnable hell better yet worse than hell its self.

They begin to walk -without any type ceremony of a goodbye- in a random direction together as if looking for something, is it their memories? Or is it their emotions? Or have they truly forgotten what it is like to be living, or have they tossed it away so as not to feel any more pain?

As they walk into the distance the water doesn’t ripple when they take their feet out of the water and then put them back in, it just keeps eternally flowing in one direction. Emotionlessly they vanish from your sight and you can’t help but think to yourself; “Will I become like them? Forever wandering?” as that thought ends one more thought brings its self to light, “I hope not.”

Mini-story. Murder

This is a result of a friend challenging me to make a convincing villain.

I stared at the Blacksmith’s house smiling, why you must be saying? Simple, that day I was targeting a family, a little family, a kind little family who treasure their pathetic little lives. I forced my smiling face into a blank indifferent face so as to have them not be suspicious of me, it’s easier to kill someone when you get the drop on them. Oh I was not there for the gold, neither the weapons, I just love the sight of blood, hearing the cries of children and mothers.

I tucked my poisoned dagger into my coat, and I started to walk towards the shop when I saw a peasant– one of those dirt sucking scum bags- walking towards me, I was secretly giving him a glare full of knives but if he had saw it he gave no sign of it and walked over to me and asked me for a coin, one of my hard earn coins. I stared at him then looked at the sky and said, “The full moon is out, and during this time one should be wary of the wolves.” After I said that I looked at him in time to see that he blinked in confusion and I could tell he was going to ask me what I meant when I pulled my dagger out of my coat and stabbed him in the throat. His face of shock was priceless, and the fear, oh~ the fear! I could practically taste it as I pulled my dagger out of his throat then kicked him to the ground. My smile returned but much bigger than before, oh how I love how people react when they are on the verge of death, he was trying to scream but all them came out was a wet gurgle.

His crimson blood pouring out of his throat slowly pooled up around him, I would watch him longer but I had a task to do, so I kneeled down next to him and switched my grip on my dagger then stabbed him multiple times in the chest and stomach until I was positive he was dead, then I noticed that my coat, pants and shirt were covered in his blood so I reach into my coat and pull out a mask, a simple thing, it was the general shape of my face and the main color is black, but it has a blood red surrounding the eyes and a blood red mouth with many white sharp teeth painted inside the mouth. I looked over it smiling with glee, then I put it on and with my knife brandished I walked into the Blacksmith’s shop and house, he didn’t look because he was working on sharpening a sword but he welcomed me in. So instead in sprinting towards him I walk over calmly knowing he didn’t expect me to be the famed cleanser of this city, and I waited for him to turn around and once he did and he saw my mask he screamed in terror and before he could have gone anywhere I stabbed him in his left arm and kicked him in his sensitive spot and in turn effectively crippling him, so then I kicked him over and walked over to a table that had a sword on it and I picked it up and walked back over, he had recovered quite well once I got back, he was almost standing so I let him get back up and right when he did I kicked him into the wall behind his then used the sword to stab through his arm and pinned him into the wall. Smiling in a wonderful glee and I stabbed him with my dagger multiple times. His screams and my laughs were audible in that area of the city.

Once his screams stopped I turned towards the staircase, which luckily for me I was next to when I was stabbing this lucky man, and began to walk up them. When I reached the upper floor I heard a soft sobbing so I looked around and I just barely saw the quivering form under a table that had a prepared dinner on it, so I walked to said table and the closer I got the more silent the sobs became until they were barely hearable, then once I got there I waited a few moments to give my target a false sense of security then once I waited long enough I quickly lunged and grabbed my target and pulled it out from under the table, it was light and once I started to pick it up I realized it was a child so I lifted it up into the light and saw it was the lucky blacksmith’s little daughter, she is the only child but she would do, though children are best when killed in front of their mothers. So I decided to ask her one thing, “Where is your mother?” She was shivering in fear then started to cry so I slammed her into a wall and I asked the question again with more force behind my words and apparently it was the correct thing to do because she answered while sobbing, “S-sho-o-op-p-ing.” When I heard that my smile fell, children are feeble and weak bodied, but then a brilliant thought entered my mind and my smile returned, I’ll turn her into my slave, no one will know it was her and she is just old enough that I can break her will and still have her for a long time, so hauling her along I left the shop and then went back to my house grinning all the way with the child sobbing. Oh~ this will be fun!

Mini-story. Maxwell’s Mistake

A man sat on one side of the davenport while a woman sat on the other side, the davenport is in the center of a large room with blue walls, blue ceiling and a blue floor. The man’s name is Mark, while the woman’s name is Jayne, while Mark is holding a serene appearance on his face inside he is boiling with a superfluous rage, this is because he is misogynistic. If Mark’s rage was mere temperature then one could up a metal plate on his head and put apple slices unto it and they would be cooked very quickly, he has only one wish in life; to raze all women from the planet, but that wish is nothing more than a mere boondoggle if he were to try to do so.

Jayne also has a serene appearance but she is a misandrist, so she fundamentally shares the same wish but reversed.

Then an android nicknamed Maxwell walks in and sees both of them holding a serene appearance but knew of their traits so it asked, “How did a misogynist and a misandrist get put into the same room?” Both Mark and Jayne replied at the same time with, “I don’t know.”

Maxwell then looked at the list in its’ hand then realized that they had the same schedule so it said, “Either way, Mr. Mark, Mrs. Jayne, are you up for going on a ten mile course with each other?” Both Mark and Jayne looked at Maxwell with disbelief then they slowly nodded and by doing so they made Maxwell very uneasy, and during the course the two tried to kill each other and left devastation in their wake.

Mini-story. Don’t Trust Goblins

Four creatures sneak into a town, each snickering to jokes they threw at each other, these four creatures are known as Ilu-Goblins. Ilu-Goblins use illusions to make themselves look like other creatures, or to use their illusions to “change” the area around them or make their targets see things.

These four goblins have names, like every goblin, one was “Me”, another “Myself”, another “I”, and the last “You”… Not you, you. Its’ name is You. So they were called the Me, Myself, and I along with You or MMIY… don’t question it, they’re goblins they are rather insane at times; especially with names, seriously who’d name their kid “Poor” or “Fetish”…? Don’t answer that.

They disguised themselves as four teenage black men in clothing, one didn’t even have a shirt on at all. Then after making sure their disguises were done they walk out onto the streets of the town and saw a MTMV (Magical Train with Maximum Velocity.) and a group of guards, so they whispered to each other planning their newest prank where the group of guards were the targets.

Once they finished planning “You” and “I” walked over to the guards and then stole everything the guards had before they realized what happened then jumped on top of the train as the guards realized that they were only in their underwear; then they saw two men on top the train wearing impish smiles and holding very large bags.

Then the “Me” and “Myself” snuck over to the guards who were heavily distracted then put fire ants into the guards’ underwear then joined their brothers on top the train as it started up and left, “You” and “I” dumped everything out of their bags but kept the coin purses of the guards with them.

MMIY then made faces at the guards and stood daringly on the train as it zoomed away from the town, all the while they giggled and then they dropped their disguises and started to laugh their rear ends off.

Mini-story. The Creature and The Skeleton

A skeleton walks forwards and stands next to the creature within a skeletal armor.
“If I had flesh, muscle and blood I bet I’d be very cold right now,” the skeleton said in a side note kind of way.
“Aye,” replies the creature.
The Skeleton asks, “Why are we just standing here in the frozen wastes staring out into the blizzard?”
“We were told to,” says the creature blandly.
The skeleton looks at the creature in a stupor, “You almost sound like one of those zombies.”
The creature’s eye gleamed though the shadows of its’ helmet, “Yet I am not one of them.”
The skeleton’s gleaming blue eye looks around, “In fact…” the skeleton pauses to ponder its’ question, “…what are you?”
“Non of your concern,” replied the creature.
“And you merely made me more curious,” the skeleton states in a matter of fact kind of way.
“Nanya,” the creature replies in a quick but sharp tone.
The skeleton’s head suddenly goes flying towards a wall.
The head of the skeleton suddenly shouts, “YOU DID NOT NEED TO PUNCH MY HEAD OFF!”
The creature simply snickers while the body of the skeleton stumbles around trying to find its’ head.
“Yet you do this to me every day,” notes the creature, “it is rather annoying.”
“Yet still my curiosity is still not cured,” the skeleton’s body finally located its’ head and put it back on, “you are very stubborn, you know that?”
“Aye,” replies the creature no longer paying attention to the skeleton.
The skeleton suddenly asks, “Would you tell me what you are if I told you who I was?”
This caught the creature by surprise, it looked at the skeleton in a dumbfounded kind of way then says, “You remember who you were before you died?”
If the skeleton still had a face it would be smiling a shit eating smile but seeing as how it doesn’t have a face it is just keeping a ear to ear undead smile.
Then the skeleton replied, “Aye.”
The creature seemed to ponder what the skeleton offered then states, “Very well.”
“My name was Kathriel, I was an adventurer before I died.” The skeleton replies.
The creature nods then replies, “I am a very tall midget.”
The skeleton nods seeming satisfied then stopped and stared at the creature, “Are you joking?”