Mini-story. Even a Miner is Deadly

A man in tan armor and wielding two pickaxes walks up through a tunnel and exits it into a frozen wasteland, he stands there for a few moments then walks down the mountain in a timely fashion, once he reaches the bottom he readies his pickaxes and charges forwards.

In front of him the snow is blown away and a horde of monsters appear where the snow was blown away, the man puts his pickaxes together and then points them at the horde of monsters and a beam is shot out of the pickaxes killing a large portion of the horde.

The monsters run towards him and engage him in combat only for him to kill them with his pickaxes when they meet half way, he continues to run forwards with his pickaxes ready, a few dragons land in his path but he doesn’t stop.
One of the dragons releases a wave of fire from its mouth aiming it towards the man general area and it plums out but he jumps and then uses his beam to launch himself towards the dragons and in turn closes the distance between them and lands on the one who talked and then ran down the back of the dragon then leaps off of it and uses his beam again to launch himself away from the dragons and the beam rips through the dragon.

He then upon landing rolls and gets up and continues to run forwards, soon after he stops as he reaches a land of crystals then walks into the land and he begins to bustle his way towards the castle then a few words are spoken from him in a happy fashion, “Here lies my home, forever glorious, forever eternal.”